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Get Behind the Wheel. Auto in the Premium Video Ecosystem: A Cross-Platform Report

Here’s your roadmap to the new auto buying journey.

The automotive industry is undergoing its most dramatic shift in consumer purchase habits in the past 50 years.

Today’s path to purchase can have up to 900 digital touchpoints, and the average number of dealership visits has dropped to 1.6 (from 5 visits in 2002). 

Automotive brand control of traditional channels — like TV commercials, newspaper advertising, and dealership visits — has been replaced by a more complex sequence of interactions along the consumer journey. And online video — especially on YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram — plays a big role.

Pixability’s guide to the automotive landscape on YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram empowers automotive marketers to:

  • Understand how brands, publishers, and creators are producing content that engages viewers online 
  • Discover which brands are leveraging walled garden video successfully — and how to emulate them
  • Find out what’s down the road for auto marketers, including new video formats that promise more immersive experiences for buyers

Download Pixability’s Guide to Auto Across Premium Video Now: